New technologies for internet communication systems

Since 2002, LocustWorld Networks have been deployed throughout the world. From a single access point to entire city-wide networks.

Unique products developed at our in-house research and development centre provide complete solutions for rapidly deploying commercial, fault tolerant broadband networks.

Advanced remote management and monitoring systems, mean networks can be operated and supported with ease from any location.

Recognised as pioneers, our expertise, flexibility and value proposition makes us an ideal partner for any project.



Many corporate organisations use the LocustWorld systems to provide internet services. User registration, remote management, operating statistics, detailed audit records and low overhead operation are all just as attractive in a corporate environment as they are in a commercial network.

Typically used to provide wireless internet for staff and for visitors, separated from internal corporate networks.



Commercial companies can install the same LocustWorld systems as used by dedicated ISPs to provide internet in their premises for additional income. Apartment blocks, holiday parks, hotels, serviced offices are all examples of commercial businesses using LocustWorld systems to provide additional revenues. For many of these applications the internet service makes their whole business more attractive too, improving customer demand for the primary business.



Using LocustWorld AdSplash, network operators can provide a sponsored internet service, free to the end user, promoting the sponsors message to the users. AdSplash networks provide a strong advertising opportunity and can be used to promote the host organisation.

Primary applications for AdSplash are in Shopping Centres, Retail Premises, Brand Affinity campaigns and Corporate Guest Services.



Community networks can use the LocustWorld systems on a cost shared basis. Many remote communities can’t get conventional broadband. Often they will club together to subscribe to a satellite broadband service and then use the LocustWorld system to distribute the system amongst members.

LocustWorld’s Beta-Program can further reduce the costs for community networks while simultaneously gaining access to the latest technologies.

"Christensen goes on to suggest that the refusal by successful and established companies or distributors to fully embrace disruptive technologies can lead to a sudden loss of dominance in their respective fields, if not their total disappearance." -- Harvard business school - definition of 'Disruptive Technology'

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